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The module of the basic warehouse configuration is the implementation of a cumulative system with a product range and standard warehouse operations: sales, returns, movements between warehouses, infarterization.

Effective sales.

Automates and integrates sales, marketing and support activities within the company, creating ideal conditions for developing relationships with partners and attracting new ones.


Personal settings of symbiotic analytical services according to the business processes of a particular company allow you to make decisions in the management of commodity and raw materials.


The indicators obtained as a result of the analysis of sales, movement of goods, the speed of order processing - allow you to determine how effectively the warehouse space is used and how to properly organize warehouse zones.


Processing sales results, collected marketing information allows the company to personalize its offers to customers and use the data to set up algorithms for working with customers.

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PreSale module

Take control of your supply chain.

Designed to organize the collection of applications for the supply of goods and automate the distribution network. In practice, it implements the principles of integrated distribution.

The manufacturer (supplier) company fully controls the distribution channels of the distributor and manages the process of distribution and promotion in this channel.

It becomes possible to analyze the causes of disruptions in distribution, to strengthen the qualitative and quantitative indicators of distribution.

The implementation of CosmoSet PreSale improves the company's position on the market, thanks to the precisely organized mutual work of the supplier, sales agents, distributors, dealers.

The role of agents is expanding, not only placing orders, but also collecting marketing information at points of sale.

Symbiotic services

We use symbiotic services to organize the analysis of the company's performance, taking into account the specifics of its business processes. Close interaction of AI (Artificial Intelligence) / machine learning (ML) technologies and methods of mathematical statistics allows obtaining reliable results of analysis of sales, interaction with customers, quality indicators of production, trade and optimal stocks.


The basis for the automation of any company.

The module covers the basic processes of wholesale and retail:

  • Client's pre-order
  • Request to the Supplier.
  • Arrival of goods to the warehouse.
  • Sale of goods and services.
  • Moving goods between warehouses.
  • Inventory control.

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