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The innovative solution for personnel management includes all processes in an enterprise in which its employees participate: appointments, staff re-appointments (to another positions), dismissals, recording vacations, creating time sheets and much more.

Your HRM Toolbox

We collected all the necessary functionality for HR in one interface, in one information field.


Creating a confidential database of candidates, interviews and ratings. Maximum reduction in search and recruitment costs. Instant selection for the desired parameters.


Keeping registers to document the accumulation and access to personal data will allow the company to be brought into line with the requirements of the European Union.


Skillful use of performance indicators allows you to evaluate performance, and effectiveness. As a result, you will receive not only evaluation criteria, but also a flexible management tool.


Control over the maintenance of skills of employees, vocational training, renewal of certificates confirming the status of a specialist and self-learning programs.

  • Are you not sure, that you will be able to find a replacement for a leaving employee?
    A personal recruiting database will help to avoid dependence on a key employee. By constantly replenishing it with new candidates, you will not only provide yourself with a plan of action in the event of a sudden loss of an employee, but you will also be able to determine more accurately the level of remuneration based on the requests of candidates.

    * installed module Recruiting is required
  • Do not have enough time to complete the necessary documents when applying for a job or firing?
    Within the framework of one process, for instance, hiring an employee, a package of necessary documents is automatically generated: a labor contract, a writ, a statement, etc. The office work is complete and comprehensible- all documents are divided into journals and classifiers.
  • Are recruiting agencies sending you the wrong people?
    You have a full cycle of work with candidates at your disposal: interviews, tracking status, recruitment, rejection of the applicant, trial result, maintaining the entire database of candidates in contact with the recruiter. Define your own selection criteria.

    * installed module Recruiting is required
  • Does every vacation application arrive unexpectedly and at the wrong time?
    There is nothing easier than keeping vacation schedules, active and complete. Even if you send an employee on vacation several times a year, now the situation will always be under your control.
  • Are you flexible with many timesheets? Does planning take days?
    Electronic timesheets, taking into account all holidays and weekends - a convenient and reliable tool for determining the working time of an employee and calculating his salary.
  • Can't punish or reward an employee within a reason?
    Implement performance assessment criteria KPI that are simple and understandable for you and your employees. Grades set periodically, including by the employee independently - allow you to instantly determine the level of additional payments, the need for professional development and, ultimately, improve the performance of the company as a whole.

    * installed module KPI is required

Recruiting Module

Easy-to-use, full-featured recruiting software.

Designed especially for small businesses.

It saves you time, with extended database due to multiple parameters, candidate-assessment tools, applicant-tracking reports and even on-boarding capabilities.

GDPR Сompatible

The new law will significantly impact companies across the spectrum and transform the very nature of many HR practices. From talent acquisition, to handling current employee records in databases, to providing data-protection training to employees — the challenges to companies and HR departments posed by the new law are myriad.

The registers and processes required to comply with the GDPR are included.

or 4% of global turnover max fine for non-compliance

to report a data breach once confirmed

to respond to an amployee's subject access request

were made to the law when it was finalized by European Commission

KPI Module

The new generation of result's fast assessment technology.

The motivation system becomes clear and transparent with KPI implementing

Since the planned and actual values are fixed, it is clear to the manager what and how to motivate the employee. The latter, in his turn, understands well under what conditions and what remuneration he will receive, and for which he will be punished.

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It's a new approach to HRM

Powerful tool for effective personnel management.

Comprehensive data

in one employee card: photos, copies of documents, orders, reports and contracts.

Automatically performed operations

wizards for calculating vacations and forming documents when applying for a job.

Low errors probability

changes in position, department, work schedule or salary in a few simple steps.

Data import & export

unified loading, export and import of documents to other accounting systems.


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